DuraTech™ Pool Grating

Durable Grating to Match Any Pool and Facility

Great grating solutions.

Whether you are building a new pool or replacing cracked or broken grating at an existing pool, DuraTech has the perfect fit. Our product line offers the largest and most durable selection of pool grating in the industry.


Our grating is designed to accommodate any pool gutter or trench width and can be installed either perpendicular or parallel. It is certified slip resistant in accordance with ASTM test standards and can be used independently or combined with a RenoSys gutter or liner system.


DuraTech pool grating is also perfect for bulkheads, deck drains, and anywhere durable grating is required.



NEW! DuraTech™ Deck Drain

Removes water from pool decks quickly and efficiently. Made from thick exterior grade PVC. Modular interlocking grating makes installation and maintenance a snap.

DuraTech Gutters

Pair your new grating with a new stainless steel or PVC gutter.

Why Choose PVC Grating?

PVC is an excellent material for both indoor and outdoor pool grating. It is tough, seamless, and versatile. Additional benefits of DuraTech PVC grating include:


• 10 Year Warranty.

• Certified Slip-Resistant.

• Made in the USA.

• Available in a Variety of Colors.

• Made from Colorfast UV-Resistant Outdoor-Grade PVC.

PolyGrate™ Grating

The most durable and versatile perimeter grating in the pool industry. Machined from single sheets of marine-grade HDPE and completely customizable. PolyGrate can be designed to fit any pool gutter, and features a high-friction walking surface to prevent slipping and promote drainage. Made in the USA.

Perfect for Bulkheads

The remarkable strength of PolyGrate makes it ideal for new or renovated bulkheads. Custom engineered for each project to facilitate hassle-free installation.

Interlocking Grating

This unique design makes installation a "snap" for both straight and radial configurations. Interlocking grating can accommodate gutter widths from 8" to 18". Specially engineered support ribs provide additional strength to the larger 14" to 18" sizes.


Features an embossed, slip-resistant surface that provides traction and comfort while quickly deflecting water. Made in the USA from high quality UV and chemical resistant PVC.

GraniGrate™ Grating

Luxurious granite grating is perfect for opulent hotels and resorts, country clubs, upscale apartment developments, or on any pool facility that is looking for that stunning finish you don't see on just any pool.

T-Bar Grating

DuraTech T-Bar grating has been the industry leader for wide profile pool grating for over a decade. Designed to provide maximum foot support and slip-resistance, resulting in an ultra safe walking surface for your pool perimeter.


T-Bar is manufactured in the USA and may be custom fabricated to meet required dimensions.

I-Bar Grating

I-Bar combines a safe walking surface with a maximum wave capturing design, making it ideal for competition pools.


I-Bar is manufactured in the USA and may be custom fabricated to meet required dimensions.

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