DuraTech™ Pool Gutters

Stainless Steel or PVC Pool Recirculation Systems

Engineered to fit any pool.

DuraTech gutters offers aquatic designers, contractors, and facility owners reliable, proven, and affordable perimeter recirculation systems to meet any design challenge. Our gutters are manfactured from PVC or 304, 304L, or 316 stainless steel.


Backed by one of the best warranties in the business, DuraTech is your assurance of a pool gutter system that will remain functional and attractive as it stands the test of time in the corrosive pool water environment.


We also provide full CAD design assistance and flow calculation analysis for your project.


NEW! DuraTech™ Deck Drain

Removes water from pool decks quickly and efficiently. Made from thick exterior grade PVC. Modular interlocking grating makes installation and maintenance a snap.

Stainless Steel Pool Gutters

DuraTech perimeter recirculation systems combine gutter and plumbing into a built-in trough with pressurized filtered water return and inlets.


Maintenance and repair costs are reduced thanks to the elimination of buried pipes that can break due to freeze damage or ground movement.

PVC Pool Gutters

PVC gutters are the perfect solution for indoor pools in need of a cost effective alternative to stainless steel.


  • No grounding required.
  • Saltwater pool compatible.
  • Seamless construction.
  • Lower installation costs.
  • Resilient at impact.
  • 10 year warranty.


Durable Construction

Engineered from either 12 gauge stainless steel or thick PVC.


DuraTech gutter systems provide a more balanced distribution of water flow and are designed for every pool type and use.


TIG or heat welded and hydrostatically tested.

Many Grating Styles & Colors

Fully compatible with a wide range of grating configurations.


May be manufactured with a distinctive slip-resistant surface.

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