RecDeck™ Pool Decking

PVC Pool Deck and Locker Room Flooring

The floor that performs wet or dry.

RecDeck's slip-resistant yet comfortable surface makes it an ideal surface for pool decks, exercise rooms, locker rooms, or wherever a tough, watertight, cushioned surface is needed.


The UV inhibitors and unique properties of RecDeck allow it to stand up to the most extreme weather climates, and it is virtually unaffected by most pool and deck chemicals.


RecDeck is often used alongside a RenoSys Pool Shell and DuraTech Gutter & Grating system to create the appearance of a completely new pool facility.


Sample Applications

  • Pool decks.
  • Recreation rooms.
  • Patios and balconies.
  • Locker rooms.
  • Exercise and weight rooms.
  • Marine and dock applications.
  • Therapy pool decks.
  • Home gyms.
  • Anywhere comfortable, watertight flooring is required.


Durable & Long Lasting

Covered with an 85mil thick membrane of tough PVC and warranted for 5 years with a life expectancy of 10 years.

Algae & Fungus Resistant

Biocides are formulated into the PVC.


Completely watertight for underwater or outdoor applications.

Low Maintenance

RecDeck may be mopped, pressure washed or sponge cleaned.


Independently certified to ASTM 1028c standards as a slip-resistant surface for either dry or wet conditions.

UV Stabalized

Maximum UV inhibitors are incorporated during manufacturing.


RecDeck maintains its attractive color.


Proudly made in the USA from superior quality materials.


May be used indoor or outdoors, wherever a durable, watertight, slip-resistant flooring solution is needed.


Stands up to the most extreme weather conditions and virtually eliminates common deck problems such as delamination, cracking, flaking, fading, or peeling.

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