SoftSide™ Safety Pads

CPSC-Certified Custom Safety Padding

Don't Fall for Anything Less.

SoftSide Safety Pads are perfect for today's demanding fall zone applications. SoftSide is an incredibly durable, watertight, textured, slip-resistant covered foam padding system designed for water playground and pool use.


Our safety pads are custom built to suit your requirements and may be owner installed.



  • Water slide pads.
  • Under diving boards or dive stands.
  • Water playground safety padding.
  • Wherever comfortable, watertight safety padding is required.



Encased in a thick, fullt heat welded membrane of tough PVC.

Algae & Fungus Resistant

Biocides are formulated into the foam and PVC.


Completely watertight for underwater or outdoor applications.

Low Maintenance

SoftSide may be mopped, pressure washed or sponge cleaned.


Surface PVC is highly slip-resistant - even when wet.

UV Stabalized

Maximum UV inhibitors are incorporated during manufacturing.


SoftSide maintains its attractive color.


Proudly made in the USA from superior quality materials.


SoftSide can be placed in fall zones or where ever extra comfort and safety is desired.


Passes all CPSC-ASTM 1292 tests for impact attenuation to drop heights of 12'.


Because SoftSide does not allow liquids or solid matter to pass through, the padding can be maintained in a hygienic manner through topical applications of biocides or through proper pool water chemistry.

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